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Emerald Coast Energy Resources fully understands that project management is the key to a successful completion of any project. Clients want to know their project is entrusted to a company that truly recognizes the needs to keep on schedule and under budget.   ECER utilizes managers with years of experience in the required disciplines to ensure a successful project.  Our managers are all experienced with all facets of Oil and Gas production from lease takeoff through permitting the well to be drilled. ECER, our managers and Landmen all fully understand the need for discretion when handling new projects and fully appreciate that we represent the client to the public.


The first step to any project is to understand your proposed risk and return.  ECER conducts these searches professionally, timely and quietly. We will produce a report as in-depth as the client prefers in our format or as may be required by the client.


Title is probably the single most important aspect of the process following only the actual production of the well.  If our client doesn’t know they own the production, they are in for certain financial disaster.  ECER personnel know the importance of 100% acquisition accountability.  The “Chain of Title” must be true and accurate to 100% of the ownership.  This task is sometimes daunting but must be completed.  We pride ourselves in making that happen.  Further, ECER believes the courthouse opens at 8:00 or 9:00 AM and closes at 4:30 or 5:00 PM and our agents need to be there during that time.


Acquisition is another cornerstone in the success of a project.  It is one thing to find all of the ownership on paper and quite another to track down 100% of the ownership.  Often the original owner has passed away and the minerals have passed to the heirs; who may have also passed away and so on.  ECER utilizes all of the latest technology and the internet when tracking the actual ownership down and making the deal.


Seismic Permitting can become extremely expensive if the coordination between the permitting agent and the seismic crew is not properly maintained.  It can become a real “time-waster” if the permit crews don’t stay in front.  ECER believes in coordination and face to face contact to ensure both crews are acting as one team; therefore providing the most efficient operation possible.  Every minute saved is money back to the operator. 


ECER's Managers and landmen can do it all from concept to completion.  The partners in ECER collectively have over 100 years experience in the field of Oil and Gas.  They each have operated their own businesses and are intimately knowledgeable of the do’s and dont's of making a project successful.  They fully understand the financial risks involved and appreiate the value of every dollar.  This appreciation is instilled in every member of the Pinebelt team.



Due diligence and title curative require a special appreciation for courthouse records.  Finding the one small document that will complete the chain or realizing that there is a certain problem with the chain requires an acquired knowledge that only experience in the books can provide.  ECER utilizes only the most experienced landmen for these cases.  Not only do they need to find the problem, they must be able to provide a corrective solution for the client.  We can do that.