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The Company:

Although a new company, Emerald Coast Energy Resources, LLC was created for the purpose of providing longintudinal rights of way and oil and gas land services.  Emerald Coast Energy Resources' target clients include both private and public sector projects such as natural gas, crude oil, electric generation and transmission and telecommunications.  ECER's model is to utilize consultants with many years experience in their particular disciplines to plan, implement and complete a project.  Our team of professionals consultants are among the best in the business in their particular fields.  (please review the bios section below) They have the experience, knowledge and dedication required to provide high quality results and cost savings, which, in todays economic environment, is crucial to our clients. We have a large network of Right of Way and Oil and Gas professionals to bring your project to completion in a timely manner on or under budget. 

Who We Are:

randy Randy Perry -Managing Member

Randy is used to working the hard projects.  For twenty one years he was an  Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force.   After retiring he contracted with the United Nations where he was the lead member of a five man multinational team that rewrote all of the Airway Rules for the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.  They reconfigured all of the approches for Dahran, Jedda and Riyadh airports.  They rewrote all of the manuals and re-certified the entire countries' airspace; all in under 2 years.

He has been in right of way for over twenty five years and has worked projects small and large.  He was part of Florida Gas' Phase 3, 4, 5 and 6.  He was project manager for a 500 mile fiber optic project for Williams Company.  He has managed large projects for Shell, Kinder Morgan, Southern Natural and a host of others such as Laser Midstream, Choncha Chemical, Denbury and Genesis.  Randy beleives that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right and if you take it on, then failure is no longer an option.


Consulting Team:


James W. (Jim) Fugate - FERC Matters Oil and Gas Issues

CEO Pinebelt Oil and Gas, Inc

Jim has over thirty years in the petroleum industry as a Broker, Landman, Agent and Operator.    A graduate of Southern Illinois University, he is well versed in all facets of the oil and gas business as well as the pipeline industry.  He has considerable experience with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulated pipeline projects as well as Department of Transportation (DOT) pipeline projects.   He has handled public relations for a number of large projects.  Additionally, he has provided necessary testimony to various Public Service Commissions to acquire the right of taking (Eminent Domain).  He has also provided expert witness testimony in both the State Court venue as well as Federal Court.

He has extensive experience in managing oil and gas leasing and production projects, due diligence for acquisitions and unitization projects.  He has experience in many States and a working knowledge of the various differential regulatory and legal issues for both pipelines and exploration and production projects.


Larry Grimmenger- Environmental Consultant

Owner and CEO of Gremminger & Associates, Inc in Bellvue, TX

 As the owner and lead scientist of Gremminger and Associates, Inc., Mr. Gremminger’s business orientation is service to the oil and gas industry by providing assessment, permitting, and restoration services for cross-county intrastate and interstate pipeline projects and associated facilities.

Larry is a Certified Wildlife Biologist specializing in biological surveys, ecological assessments, and additional studies to support the preparation of formal Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements.  He has twenty years of experience in NEPA document preparation to permit undertakings by regulated industries, non-regulated projects that require significant federal permits, and government actions, and has extensive experience in environmental construction impact assessments, planning, and inspection on NEPA regulated projects.  He is recognized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as a Chief of Environmental Inspection during the construction and restoration of federally regulated natural gas projects.

 Mr. Gremminger’s biological-ecological experience includes: delineation of wetlands, wetland mitigation, vegetation identification and composition analysis, indigenous wildlife assessments, endangered species surveys and mitigation, and land use development management plans. His personal expertise centers on the identification, growth requirements, history, and establishment of grasses. He has extensive experience performing comprehensive ecological assessments of large acreage tracts to identify exhibited trophic levels, ecological setting and pathways, species interaction complex, and population dynamics.

Mr. Gremminger is recognized by the state and federal natural resource agencies as a qualified biologist and specialist in ecological restoration and is the owner and managing biologist of the Mill Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank in Austin County, Texas; managing biologist on 1,600 acres of dedicated forested wetland restoration lands in Anderson and Cherokee Counties, Texas; and currently managing the establishment of two new wetland mitigation banks in Texas.

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Gary Williams– ROW and Land Apraisal Issues  

Owner J.G.W. Appraisals, Jackson, MS

Forty-six years experience encompassing a variety of real estate appraisals including appraisals of residential and rural properties.  Residential experience includes appraisal of residential properties as a staff appraiser with the firm of Irby, Johnson and Caraway in Jackson, Mississippi, for 16 months.  Other appraisal experience includes condemnation appraisals for the Mississippi State Highway Department as Staff Appraiser and Assistant Chief Appraiser in the Right of Way Division.  Additionally, appraising easements for gas pipelines was done for Geneses Pipeline 6, Denbury Resources, Mid-Continent Express Pipeline (MEP), a division of Kinder Morgan and Miss-Hub LLC, the latter being in Simpson, Jefferson Davis and Covington Counties, Mississippi.  Appraiser assignments consist of transmission line easements in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, as well as CO2 transmission line easements and water line easements and appraisals on the mine site on the Kemper County, Mississippi, location for the North American Coal Corporation, Liberty Fuels Co., LLC, for land acquisition and improvements for Mississippi Power Company’s lignite fueled electric operating plant.

Gary literally wrote the book for the Mississippi judges on appraisal and eminent domain.  It will suffice to say here that Gary is one of the best of the best when it comes to appraisal.  He is well respected throughout the South and East from his peers in the industry.

chris Christopher Gibbs - Database and Mapping

Owner R.E.N. Inc., Lake Jackson, TX

Chris completed twelve years in the military in computers and paralegal work.  While there he developed several programs for his unit that efffectively streamlined and organized the existing workload and data management.  After completing his stint in the Army he elected to come to work for us where he utilized his skills as a computer geek to develope and manage our records database.   Chris is also schooled and proficient in ArcGIS Mapping.   Enabling ECER to provide a mapping function that allows us to provide our own easement drawings.  A process that reduces the wait time for drawings significantly.

Photo Coming Greg Sirmon- Timber Consultant and  Appraisal

Owner Sirmon and Associates-

Sirmon and Associates is a forestry consulting group established to help clients realize the most for their timber, farmland, timberland or other property. Sirmon and Associates takes pride in assisting their clients in applying state-of-the-art management practices on their property and then assisting them in obtaining the highest possible revenues for their forest products at harvest time and their land should they desire to sell.  The services we offer are in the areas of forest land management and real estate appraisals and sales.  Our forestry work includes long range forest management planning, forest land investment analysis, forest inventories, timber sales, timber trespass investigations, aerial reconnaissance for timber trespass, insect and disease outbreaks. They also conduct plantation thinnings, reforestation activities and boundary line maintenance. Additionally, They have inventoried thousands of acres of timberland and written timber reports for eminent domain purposes on approximately 1500 parcels. They are one of the few companies that understand and perform appraisals for Right of Way clearing.  Our appraisal work includes timber, farm and ranch land, poultry farms and other rural property.  They are qualified to work nationwide.

Photo coming Marvin Tyler- Construction Consultant

Marvin has been in pipeline construction his whole life.   He has worked with the big companies and the small companies alike both in the states and abroad.  He has constructed small pipe and pipe sixty inches in diameter.  His knowledge is extensive but his ability to solve problems is even better.  He is the "go to" man for routing problems and construction issues.  He has over forty five years experience and if he hasn't seen it; we probably don't want to try it.

Photo Coming Keith Rowell - Compny Broker & Florida Real Estate Matters

President/Owner Rowell & Associates, Inc

As our company broker, Keith has been in the real estate business since 1982 as owner and President of Rowell and Associates Inc in Milton, FL.  He has built, managed, bought and sold, or brokered thousands of properties over the last 30 years.  He is extremely cognizant of the ever changing rules of the Florida Real Estate Commission.  He is a member of the Pensacola Board of Realtors and has served on numerous boards and commissions for Santa Rosa County and the city of Milton, FL.